Solar division

Solar division

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lt is an efficient solution for solar panels, makes the unscrewing with standard wrenches or generic tools difficult. The supplied wrench allows to perform regular maintenance.

With BRELOCK screws it is possible, unlike those antitheft systems which simply the removal of the screw head, to perform regular maintenance and replacement of the panels during the whole life of the system. With the provided wrenches it is possible to remove and reuse the same BRELOCK screw.

Brelock screws can be realized, according to customer needs, in: Hardened and tempered steel c23b class 8.8 with 50 micron hot-dip galvanization. Hardened and tempered steel c35b class 10.9 with 50 micron hot-dip galvanization. STAINLESS STEEL 304-STAINLESS STEEL 430.

The most common diameter far this kind of article is M8, however, according to the customer, we are ab/e to manufacture M6 and M10 diameters maintaining the same size of the head MB. In this case, a batch of at least 50.000 pieces is needed.