Standard Section


  • In this section you will find standard fasteners.
  • Due to the amount of articles we opted for an illustrated index in order to make the consultation easier.
  • In the following pages you will find a data sheet for each product, some products are not included in this catalogue. our staff is at your disposal to answer any question you may have.

We provide the full range of screws, nuts, washers, rivets, rivets, bolts and all the fixing articles are available in low, medium, high strength steel 304-316 nylon, brass.

-  Srews with metric thread

-  Self-tapping screws for metal

-  Self-tapping screws for plastics

-  Chipboard screws

-  Thread-forming screws

-  Self-drilling screws

-  Set screws

-  Nuts

-  Hexagon socket screw keys

-  Threaded rods and pins

-  Lifted eye bolts

-  Washers

-  Split pins and spring cotters

-  Retaining rings and circlips

-  Rivets

-  Cage nuts, inserts and fischers

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