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1 standard STANDARDStandard Parts.
Nuts, screws, washers, rivets and other fasteners unified according to UNI-DIN standards (materials: from 4.8 to 14.9, brass, stainless steel aisi 304, aisi 316 and nylon).
1-speciale SPECIALESpecial section
Multi-station machines (up to 6 stations), automatic lathes items realized according to customer needs. Our technical staff is able to give aid to the customer during construction and projecting phases.
1-solare SOLARESolar division - Anti-theft Brelock screw.
BREVIT SRL supplies every kind of fixing element needed for the realization of solar plants and it patented the antitheft screw “Brelock”, which can be removed only with the supplied wrench and it is equipped with a screwdriver bit which make it quick and easy to use.
1-oil-end-gas OIL-AND-GASOil & Gas division.
The oil & gas sector requires specific materials which withstand high temperatures like ASTM A320 GRADE L7, specific packings that allow transports in remote zones, product certifications and documentation on request.

The satisfaction of our customers is the result of a highly professional approach evolved over the years and always based on the ability to solve problems.

Thanks to a sound technical know-how, and  developed logistics,  BREVIT SRL is able to offer its customers a wide and complete range of products, together with up-to-date management services.

1-kit-viteria KITAssembled parts section.
Two line systems: we can supply assorted screws in kits (up to 8 items). The final quality control is made on 100% of the produced pieces.
1--kan-ban KAN-BANKan-Ban service.
The Kan Ban Service is the operative instrument of Just In Time philosophy. It allows the customer to optimize the stocks, receiving the goods directly on the production lines with scheduled deliveries and quantities.

We offer a wide range of fastening products at the best prices and quality of the international scene.

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