chisiamo-bullet ISO 9001 Quality System

BREVIT SRL Quality System has been certified since 1997 by ICIM. It was one of the first companies in the field to get this certification. From 2000 the Quality System has been adapted to the new regulation VISION 2000 in confirmation of the steady attention to product quality and services supplied to our customers.


 Product Quality

The range of our products is realized following high quality standards. The whole production chain is qualified and carefully supervised through specific inspections at raw materials manufacturers and contractors who deal with heat and galvanic treatments.

Our quality department carries out meticolous checks on raw materials, heat treatments, sizes and surface treatments of the goods.


 Service Quality

Our precise and reliable service is always aimed at customer satisfaction, the goods are delivered through our vans or, alternatively, through specialized carriers. We manage both scheduled orders and “just in time” ones. Our modern software solution allows real-time management of the order working progress.


 Total Quality

BREVIT SRL boasts a 25-year-old experience in its sector and became one of the most qualified companies as far as the technical aspect is concerned. We are always able to cooperate with the customer in order to develop the most suitable solutions, providing the possibility to supply what the customer needs in order to make commercial decisions and design ones.




We are able to provide
100% selected batches
through the use of
roller or optical sorters
that ensure that waste
is less than 50
parts per million.

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