Global pollution is increasing,
greenhouse gases are even more present
and we can see climate change
with its devastating effects. each of us
must do something.
In order to solve this problem
it’s essential to adopt long-term
strategies and photovoltaics (pv)
represent one of these.
Pv is a method of generating
electrical power by converting solar
radiation into direct current electricity.

Brevit srl Photovoltaic System:

Capacity:: 29,97 KW/p

1000 m2 of Coverage area

162pcs of 185 Wp monocrystalline photovoltaic modules

6 voltage AC/DC converters

coverage of 95% of the company’s energy requirements

30.767 KWh of clean energy produced in a year


Thanks to this system, Brevit srl will prevent
from being released into the atmosphere every year:

19360 kgs of CO2 (carbon dioxide)

42,86 kgs of SO2 (sulfur dioxide)

58,14 kgs of NOx (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide)



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